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New Building Material Raw Material-Light Burning Powder Products

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New Building Material Raw Material-Light Burning Powder Products

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New building materials are rapidly developing building materials products in recent years. With its fireproof, environmental protection and other advantages, it has won the favor of experts and scholars in the construction industry at home and abroad. The 2008 Olympic Stadium "Bird's Nest" uses new building materials and combines high and new technology to create a construction project.

In the raw materials of new building materials, the commonly used is "light burning powder". Light burning magnesite powder is calcined by light burning reflection kiln, rotary kiln or fluidized bed kiln. The products are uniform, stable in quality, high in purity and good in activity. It can be widely used in papermaking, chemical industry, refractories, building materials, desulfurization and other industries.

Light burnt magnesia powder is used to make refractories. In the United States and most of the magnesium consuming countries, the steel industry is one of the consuming industries. Reburnt magnesia obtained from magnesite ore, seawater, salt lake or well salt is mainly used in the manufacture of refractory products for metallurgical furnaces. Light burnt magnesia powder is widely used in various fields. In water treatment industry, light-burned magnesia powder is used to remove silicon and heavy industrial waste liquor in water, and it can also be used as a neutralizer to treat industrial waste gas. Light-burned magnesia powder can react with SO2 in flue gas to produce magnesium sulfate, thus removing SO2 in industrial waste gas, which is better than that of calcium compounds. Another use is the production of magnesium oxychloride and magnesium sulfide cement for industrial and civil building floors.


In a word, the raw material of light burnt magnesia powder will become a more hot demand target with the development of new building materials industry.

In addition, with the advent of autumn, the weather gradually cooled, until the cold winter, light burning magnesia powder purchasing volume will probably rise slightly, the price will also increase, the specific trend remains to be observed.

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