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Light burning powder

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Application Field of Light Burned Powder Magnesium Oxide

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Application Field of Light Burned Powder Magnesium Oxide

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The annual output of magnesium oxide in China is about 12 million tons.

The system is used for the determination of sulfur and arsenic in coal, pyrite and steel. Standard light burning powder for white pigments. Lightweight magnesium oxide is mainly used as raw materials for making ceramics, enamels, refractory crucibles and refractory bricks. It is also used as a polishing agent, adhesives url], fillers for paper, accelerators and activators for chloroprene rubber and fluororubber. After mixing with magnesium chloride and other solutions, magnesium oxide can be prepared for water regulation. It is used in medicine as an antacid and laxative, in gastric acid excess and gastrointestinal ulcer, and in chemical industry as a catalyst and raw material for making magnesium salt. It is also used for glazing, dyeing meal, phenolic plastics light burning powder and so on. Heavy Magnesium Oxide is used for grinding and semi-roller in rice milling industry. The construction industry is used to make artificial chemical floor, artificial marble heat-proof board, sound-proof board, plastic industry as filling material. It can also be used to produce other magnesium salts.

Used in rubber, plastics, wire, cable dyes, paint, glass, ceramics, chemical reagents, medicine, food additives, etc.

Used in libraries to prevent books from being corroded by acid.

Insulation skin for conductors;

For the treatment of heartburn, gastric acid and acid dyspepsia;

Used as a short-acting laxative;

Used as magnesium supplement;

Because it is difficult to melt, it can be used as furnace lining.

Used as a white reference in colorimetry; (Emissivity is about 0.9)

Fine magnesium oxide can be used as optical coating. The coating is transparent when the thickness is between 300 nanometers and 7 millimeters. The refractive index of the coating is 1.72 mm thick.

For rock climbing, hand sweat can be inhaled. Attention: Inhalation of magnesium oxide smoke can lead to metal moyamoya disease.

Mainly used in the preparation of oral medicines to neutralize excessive gastric acid. Commonly used preparations are: magnesium emulsion - emulsion; magnesium cover tablet - each tablet contains 0.1g of MgO; acid powder - powder made of magnesium oxide and sodium bicarbonate, etc.

Magnesium oxide content and activity in a range is proportional and beyond this range is inverse ratio!

Now magnesium oxide is misunderstood by most people as light burning powder. In fact, this understanding is wrong. Light burning powder can be said to be a kind of magnesium oxide. Its nickname is light burning magnesium, light burning magnesium oxide, magnesite, bitter soil powder (Japanese translation), magnesium calcium powder (because light burning powder contains calcium oxide) in building materials industry light burning powder, the lower the content of calcium oxide, the better!

Properties: White light powder, tasteless, exposed to air, easy to absorb water and carbon dioxide, this product is soluble in acid and ammonium salt, insoluble in water and ethanol, melting point 2800, boiling point 3600, magnesium oxide has a high refractory insulation performance, high melting point.

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Address: Lishu Village, Mafeng Town, Haicheng City, Anshan City, Liaoning Province

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