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Light Burning Powder to Fuel Overall Revitalization

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Light Burning Powder to Fuel Overall Revitalization

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Resources and Exploitation of Magnesium Raw Materials

Magnesium raw materials refer to magnesium-containing minerals which can be used to produce magnesia refractories, magnesia chemical materials, metal magnesium and other products. They are mainly divided into solid minerals such as magnesite, dolomite, brucite and liquid minerals such as sea water and Salt Lake brine. Magnesite is one of the most important refractory materials in the world. It is mainly used for calcining light-burned magnesia (CCM), sintered magnesia (DBM), fused magnesia (FM) and other refractory materials. It is the basic material for producing magnesia refractories.

China is one of the countries with the richest magnesite resources in the world, mainly distributed in Liaoning and Shandong provinces, concentrated in Liaoning Province. At present, the magnesite reserves in Liaoning Province are 3.413 billion tons, accounting for 85% of the country and 20% of the world. Liaoning magnesite reserves, mining, production and export of magnesia refractories rank first in the world. At present, there are 12 mining areas in Liaoning Province that have been geologically explored. About 16 million tons of special, primary, secondary and tertiary ores with MgO content more than 44% are mined annually, mainly for the use of provincial production enterprises. Liaoning magnesite belongs to crystalline ore with large crystal particles and is difficult to sinter. The standard YB/T 5208-2004 for natural magnesite with MgO content ranging from 33% to 47%.

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