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Light burning powder

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Detailed Introduction of Light-burned Magnesium Powder

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Detailed Introduction of Light-burned Magnesium Powder

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Light burnt magnesium oxide contains three kinds of substances: underburned, overburned and activated magnesium oxide.

1: The so-called underfired products are part of magnesium carbonate which does not form magnesium oxide. (Controlling the setting speed of magnesite products mainly depends on the amount of underfired products;) If there are more underfired products, the burning vector will be higher, and the setting speed of magnesite products made is very fast, which will cause the bursting and deformation of magnesite products.

2: The so-called over-burned products are over-burned magnesium oxide (the longer the burned, the higher the content of magnesium oxide, suitable for feed, refractory and other industries). If there are more over-burned products, it will not be easy to solidify when magnesium oxychloride cement is formed with magnesium chloride, that is to say, it is not reflected and does not solidify.

3: The last one is active magnesium oxide (the best part of magnesium oxide). The industry of building materials mainly requires the content of active magnesium oxide. If the content of active magnesium oxide is not enough, it can not fully reflect the phenomenon of anti-alkali and anti-halogen with chloride ion in magnesium chloride.

Lightly burned magnesia products from villages and towns in Liaoning and Shandong provinces are very popular all over the world. However, due to the low level of production equipment and manual operation of magnesia industry in villages and towns, a large amount of black smoke is discharged in production, which seriously pollutes the environment and urgently needs to be treated. The black smoke produced by light burning magnesia is difficult to meet the environmental protection requirements by using simple conventional dust removal equipment. However, the cost of advanced smoke removal and dust removal equipment is unbearable for the township industry. Therefore, the treatment of light burning magnesia black smoke can only find a new way to promote the development of the township magnesia industry and prevent the pollution of the environment by smoke and dust.


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