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How to detect the activity of magnesium oxide?

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How to detect the activity of magnesium oxide?

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Magnesium oxide is widely used in daily life. Light burning powder plays a vital role in the production of some raw materials in industry. It is necessary to test the activity of magnesium oxide when purchasing magnesium oxide. For raw materials, if the activity of magnesium oxide is not enough, it will easily lead to the quality of materials not up to the standard, so its activity is very high. Important, then how to test it? Xiaobian will give you an introduction. Taking magnesium oxide for adhesive as an example, I would like to explain it to you. I hope it will be helpful to you.

In the stock of magnesia, 100 grams of magnesia samples are taken from different corners and locations (no less than 3 places) and blended evenly. 100 g magnesia powder is accurately weighed from the mixed powder and placed in a constant weight drying beaker. 400 g of pure water is added to make it completely wet. Put the cup in the oven with adjustable temperature (110 C). Bake for more than 2 hours. Then set the oven to 150 C and dry the sample to constant weight. Calculating method of activity: the active content of magnesium oxide=[W-100)/45]100% formula 100 is the weight of sample before hydration; W is the weight of sample after hydration; 45 is the conversion coefficient. Note: In order to obtain more accurate values, three samples of 100g magnesium oxide can be tested, and the final active content is added up, then divided by 3.

In the detection of magnesium oxide activity, we should pay attention to the problem of avoiding slurry splashing out beaker during heating process, and drying time as long as possible to ensure the complete evaporation of water.

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